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Theologames - a light in the darkness

Updated: May 5, 2021

Despite the dark times that are spreading across the globe Theologames has been launched to inspire Christians to spend more time discovering the Bible. Theologames is all about combining 'Theology' the study of God, and 'games', learning through fun and strategy.

Many struggle with the Bible as a straight read only dipping in and out of their favourite parts. Theologames are designed to help players discover all aspects of the Bible to give a more rounded understanding of the Scriptures. Plus some games will be designed to show external sources that provide further evidence of the validity of the Bible record.

If you love the Bible and you love to play learning games then Theologames products are ideal for you and your family, friends and churches. As this is a new endeavour we are inviting all believers from around the world to participate in the launch of our signature project called, 'Pearls of Wisdom'. This unique Bible game is inspired by Jesus' parable of the Pearl of great price and Solomon's first request from God for Wisdom (Matthew 13:45-46; 2 Chronicles 1:11). Visit the new website for the game, sign-up and support the launch so we can all unite in faith to spread the Word of God in this new and exciting way.

More than just a game...'s a Revelation


Be a part of this mission in an even bigger way by uniting your Christian Charity, church or organisation with us by promoting the game across all your contacts and members. Please share this website and use the free promotions we provide on our download page to inform your members of our launch campaign. This game is for Christians to grow and non-Christians to discover the incredible design and Truth in God's word.


Finally, please pray that this project overcomes the many barriers that are put in the way to prevent the promotion of the Bible through this game format to those who desperately need to hear the words of Scripture. Our team are all disciples of Christ and are believing and praying for ways to make the Word of God in the Bible as accessible as possible in society at large. May God bless you and your ministry in return.

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