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Launching Pentecost Sunday MAY 23, 2021!

Help Spread the Word!

A Christian people it's vital that we spread the Word of God far and wide in whatever way we can and into every sphere of life. The vision of Theologames is to bring God's Word in a creative game experience that also introduces players to aspects of God's Word they might not usually notice. Games also help young people remember the Word of God associating it with the fun and challenge of questions and the competition.

Education in the Scriptures

As Christian parents it is also vital to teach the Scriptures to our children especially in their learning years, but it can be a challenge when they are up against the world's temptations. So using something like this game format can help their minds focus onto the Bible and how amazing it is. We want to inspire you and the family to really look into the Bible through this game and appreciate the pearls of wisdom it contains for this life and the next!

Help us Lift-off

Help us launch this unique Bible game and the many others that are being inspired, by sharing this vision across all your networks.

No matter how many family, friends, colleagues or ministry members you have this game and its website will have a huge impact and benefit, because it is the pure Word of God! Apart from anything else it's a great resource of Bible links and knowledge FREE!

We will soon be setting up our official launch site on which is a crowdfunding website for this kind of publishing venture. Please sign up to this blog and encourage every Christian you know to sign up to this website or the game website, so that they can be notified when we go live on Pentecost Sunday, MAY 23, 2021. We pray that thousands will join us as we promote God's Word to the nations!

Help us more

If you are inspired by this idea and want to really support us there are free downloadable resources you can use lime banners, posters and more simply click here.

When we launch you will start to see us all over the Christian press, TV and Internet and so we hope you will be a part of this with us.


More than a game, it's a Revelation!

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