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Our Game Development

Theologames are continuously developing and experimenting with new game ideas that would be great to use for learning, teaching and outreach.

Below are the current games in development that will be launched soon. For our new ideas please sign up to the blog.

We greatly appreciate your support and help to promote our Christian games to the world. Please contact us if you would like to help us in any way.

Current games

1. Pearls of Wisdom (The Complete Bible Game)

2. PLAN A - Aliyah (Return of the Jews)*

3. Antedeluvian (Build your Ark and escape the deluge!)*

4. Tabernacle (The nation of God)*

5. End of Days (prophecy of the end)*

6. Digging up Truth (Bible Archaeology)*

* new games in development in 2021


More than just a game...'s a Revelation


Our signature game is called 'Pearls of Wisdom', and it's all about the incredible design of the 66 books, or Scrolls, that compose the Canon of Scripture - the Christian Bible.

The amazing board design, card information and game play was in development for 5 years. Now is the time for it to be revealed!


This educational Christian game is unique in so many ways, enabling game players to discover many vital truths from the Scriptures in a fun interactive way from Genesis to Revelation

  • Every Bible book is explained in context

  • Questions reveal key points in each book (Scroll)

  • Hebrew letters are explained and understood

  • Up to 12 players possible in a game (unique)

  • Original symbol dice and game play

  • Learn the chronological dates of the Bible

  • Develop your wisdom to win the game

  • Interactive website with audio and Bible links

  • No game is ever the same!

  • Understand the pearl of great price! 

If you love the Bible and enjoy playing board games this is an ideal combination that will have you playing again and again. A great game for families and church youth groups. However even as few as 2 or 3 can gather to play effectively.

Every time you play the game you learn new truth and are inspired to read more of the Bible. There's a good chance you'll get a revelation that will change your life! 


You can play a part in the launch of this new game by Kickstarting us here

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Help give us a Kickstart!

To help us launch Pearls of Wisdom to the world we are asking for your support by making an online pledge through our global crowd funding Kickstarter campaign launch. The game is fully designed and tested and just waiting to go into production once we have the support of the Christian community behind us.

PLUS Find out about the additional add-on bonuses for those who really help get us off the launch pad in 2021!

COMING - Watch the video about the game (sign up to the blog and get alerted when we go live)

In the meantime check out the preview video:


Unite with us in faith to release this game to the world and increase interest and reading of the Bible across the nations. There is absolutely no money upfront for joining the Kickstarter campaign with us. We have set a minimum target to produce and launch to our supporters and are believing for much more..

More than just a game...'s a



Be a part of this mission in an even bigger way by uniting your Christian Charity, church group or organisation with us by promoting the game across all your contacts and membership. Please share this website and use the free promotional material we provide on our download page to inform your members of our launch campaign. This game is for Christians to grow and non-Christians to discover the incredible design and Truth in God's word.


Finally, please pray that this project overcomes the many barriers that are put in the way to prevent the promotion of the Bible through this game format to those who desperately need to hear the words of Scripture. Our team are all disciples of Christ and are believing and praying for ways to make the Word of God in the Bible as accessible as possible in society at large. May God bless you and your ministry in return.


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Aliyah Facts cards_03.jpg
Aliyah Facts cards_28.jpg
Aliyah Facts cards_19.jpg

COMING SOON an extraordinary new board game that highlights the incredible history of the return of the Jews to the Promised Land of the Bible.


Often referred to as Plan A the Aliyah or 'going up to Jerusalem' has been occurring since the 19th century, but became more common after the First World War and massively increased after World War II.

Basis of the Game

Helping the immigrants (Olim) to return to the land was often because of persecution or economic pressure upon Jewish communities all over the world. The Jewish Agencies, like Mossad, that were developed often worked secretly to arrange transport of these refugees to then Palestine and after 1948 to the State of Israel. Operations and the Law of Return still sees thousands return even today.

This 4 player board game highlights the covert process carried out by Mossad, Irgun, Batar and Shabak (Shin Bet) agencies over the most crucial period of Aliyah.

In the game you become a secret Israeli agent of one of these agencies selected to help the persecuted Olim Jews return from the diaspora regions of the world to Israel. Using codes and collecting Zion Stones your mission is to complete as many secret operations as possible before time runs out and the game ends.

Find out more sign up for the blog below.

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Ark Cards_34.jpg
Ark Cards_01.jpg
Ark Cards_50.jpg

COMING SOON a game style never before seen which takes the player back before the great flood of Noah and the building of the Ark.

In the time before time the earth was a different place with giants, dragons, dinosaurs and an abundance of life, but also extreme violence and danger. In this game your challenge is to collect the resources you need for an Ark in order to escape the looming deluge judgement. Travel the map board to the ancient cities, battle enemies and fight off dragons and giants to reach your goal and make it to the safety of the rainbow!

ARK card web.jpg
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